Cane of Napoleon in Saint Helena

Whale bone

Total length: 92 cm. A few small missing pieces.

Made by a Chinese craftsman who was in the service of the Emperor on St. Helena, this cane is shaped like a narwhal rostrum carved from a whale bone and has a flat pommel, carved from the tooth of a sperm whale, with eight sides and an eyecup for the passage of a strap.

The four-sided handle is inlaid with blackened wood diamonds. In the extension of the handle, a rod of 18.5 cm fluted in spiral, also imitates a narwhal rostrum.

The piece fits into the body of the cane. This body is openwork at the top, revealing the rod when stored, and then continues in the form of a fluted column and twisted at the tip.

St. Helena is the final resting place of the man who controlled the world, it is on this island, this most isolated corner of the earth that, like Prometheus on his rock, Napoleon will write his legend. 

Usually dictated by the victors, history is sculpted here in the texts dictated by Napoleon in Las Caze. Loving to redo all his battles, often remembering all the details, all the movements of the army, the deposed Emperor had to point out the regiments on his maps with the tip of his commanding cane, the pommel of our cane.

Unique and major piece of Napoleonic history.


  • Napoleon I Sainte Helene Collection of the Adler FamilyWithehall Museum of London
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